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Mixing and agitating processes form a central and quality defining step within chemichal process technology. The goal of these process steps is the production of uniform and homogenous mixtures - as intermediate or final products - of various raw materials. 


GAW India AgitatorGAW technologies offers individually tailored agitating and mixing systems and systems for a wide range of process applications, including slurry stations, starch processing systems and sewage collection pits.


The optimized procedural and control engineering design guarantees maximum cost-effectiveness. Different stirring and mixing elements are used, depending on the job. The dimensioning and design of the mixing elements is adapted to the size and shape of the tanks, the chemical-physical properties of the process medium and the process task.


GAW India Mixing For the task of agitating and circulating, GAW technologies has an extensive product range of tanks and special apparatuses with agitators for targeted individual solutions.


The agitating systems are used to prevent sedimentation in a container and to maintain a homogeneous mixture. It is essential to keep the medium continuously in motion in its entirety in order to keep the quality of the process medium constant over long periods of time.


Depending on the application, GAW GAW group technologies India coating colour storage industrial plants 01 uses vertical, horizontal or inclined stirrers with optimally matched stirrer elements. Special care is taken in the design of agitators in special apparatus construction, where the process media are dissolved or boiled and a variety of chemical reactions take place.



In addition to the optimal design of tanks and stirrers, GAW technologies pays special attention to the sealing of the stirrers. Due to the prevailing processes and required safety regulations, these often require a special design. 


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