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Sodium dithionite
solvent system


"Safe. Effective. Compact."   GAW group technologies India dithionite dissolving station industrial plants coating 01

Sodium dithionite is a bleaching and reducing agent used primarily in the textile, paper and mineral industries.

Sodium dithionite makes it possible to replace a costly raw material like pulp with a less expensive one such as recovered paper. This saves money and is better for the environment. In addition, the reduction of contaminants protects the cellulose fibres.

GAW sodium dithionite solution systems are in use worldwide, providing excellent homogenization and mixing capabilities. The systems are compact, easy to start up and offer low maintenance costs.

Under the maxim of guaranteed operational safety, the GAW sodium dithionite solution systems ensure maximum performance and minimum product losses.

GAW gruppe technologies India dithionite solvent system coating 01