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"Excellent deaeration, high volume, perfect coating."


GAW India Airvent 01The first non-contact systems for applying coating colour and emulsions with a barrier effect on paper or board, so-called jet application systems,  had to be withdrawn from the market for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to the inefficient deaeration of the coating.


GAW India Airvent 02Special requirements for the coating materials for a curtain coater made it necessary
to make further considerations with regard to coating colour properties and equipment requirements for coating colour  bleeding. deaerating.



Here, the deaeration of coating GAW India Airvent 03 colours turned out to be the essential process step in curtain coating, since air bubbles are not rubbed on paper or cardboard, but occur as imperfections in the form of oval-shaped, uncovered areas. 



GAW deaerators are designed to reduce air in the coating colour to as much as 0.1%, depending on the coating colour properties and process parameters.