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Coating Colour


As system supplier for coating colour processing systems, GAW has decades of experience and impressive worldwide references in planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of complete coating colour kitchens.


Coating Colour Kitchen


GAW India Coating Colour Kitchen test 02The coating colours are prepared in the coating colour kitchen where individual components are measured out into a special mixing unit based on the present recipe, according to quantity and sequence, and then mixed intensively.


The composition of the coating GAW India Coating Colour Kitchen test 03colour depends on the demands for paper quality. Various raw and auxiliary materials are used depending on the desired properties such as pick resistance and wet strength, uniform colour tone, absorbency, opacity, white level, smoothness and gloss:


Pigments GAW India Coating Colour Kitchen test 04 (primarily kaolin, calcium carbonate or talcum)

  • Natural binding agents (casein or starch) and/or synthetic binding agents (synthetic dispersion binders)
  • Auxiliary materials (optical brightener, thickening agent, dispersing agent, etc.)


GAW India Coating Colour Kitchen test 05Homogenous mixing of the components is an important requirement for the processing stage of the coating. The coating colours are prepared in a fully automatic controlled process. Measurement systems such as the GAW Quality Loop, continuously monitor the adherence to important quality parameters.

 GAW India Coating Colour Kitchen Panoramacoater